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Forms for registration and fixation of the fact of providing administrative services:

Certifications. licenses, permissions, extracts from registers, special blanks of notarial documents, official documents

When designing a document, we use a set of protection graphic elements that the customer wants to see – rainbow printing, microtext, hidden image, coding, background and pseudo-raised grids with variable geometry, numbering, holographic elements, in most cases, this is an original corporate hologram. An important element of the original document is the material from which it is made, namely, watermarked paper and inks with special properties. To account the used forms, personalized elements are put on them - numbering or QR code. We offer a full service cycle to our customers - from design development and printing of forms to storage and disposal of unused blanks.

Travel documents for public and railway companies:

Forms of travel and baggage documents contain many security features in order to avoid forgery and to register used tickets. Among the most commonly used security features are the design of an ticket with the use of anti-scanner grids, hidden elements and micro-fonts, printing with metallic, chemically and mechanically active inks, sequential numbering, embossing with a holographic ribbon.

Identification documents:

Diplomas, certificates, seaman’s card, medical and employment books

Our company specializes in paper identification documents production. At the customer’s request identification documents can have a hard cover embossed with the company’s logo or name. When creating paper IDs, security elements such as security grids, holographic embossing and numbering, are most often used.

Financial documents:

Cheque books, certificates of insurance, bills of exchange, shares, bonds, savings certificates, lottery tickets and scratch-cards

When printing financial documents, it is important to be subject to the corporate style of the customer and to find the best ways to confirm the original origin of blank products. That is why we offer our customers to entrust creation of the original copy of the form to our specialists, who successfully combine the skills of designers of corporate products with all the secrets of security printing. When making financial forms, all the security elements that can be seen in state documents of strict accounting and even banknotes are used - benday, holographic elements, numbering, hidden elements, microfonts, rainbow printing.

Security and marking seals:

Security seals are an essential element of integrated accounting and tracking systems for medical, alcoholic and tobacco products, and any product whose manufacturers want to protect their business and their consumers from the risks associated with the use of counterfeit. We offer to our customers a security seal production that combines several security printing technologies as well as personalization and authentication elements. Depending on the way of verification of the labels, in design we use microfonts, hidden images, special inks (thermal, fluorescent, visible or invisible), as well as materials with special properties (self-destructive film, watermarked paper). Personification

Self-copying forms:

Policies, warrants, receipts, protocols

For these products production special self-copy paper is used. Sometimes the so-called shadows are made on the surface of the blank, where copying is not performed. While producing such forms we, according to the customer's requirements, make continuous numbering and perforation.

Roll offset label:

Label printing is carried out on a roll offset machine, which allows us to print medium and large print runs of labels. Modern cutting line, synchronized with the printing machine, allows producing labels of any shape. Compared with the flexographic printing production, an offset label has a high print quality, which allows to the customer to embody refined design elements. The built-in imprinter of personalized data allows to put unique elements on a label, thereby making it an interesting tool for consumer interaction programs, as well as an anti-counterfeit feature. Our line also allows applying elements of selective UV varnishing on the label.

Corporate and promotional print:

Diplomas, honorary certificates, awards, calendars, catalogs, leaflets, annual reports, business cards, posters, booklets, euroflaers

Roll and sheet offset printing, which allows printing large print runs, is successfully completed by the digital machine HP Indigo 5500, which can produce promotional products from one copy with offset quality. Our finishing machinery capabilities are folding, scoring, laminating and varnishing, embossing and cutting, fastening with brackets and threads, manual work of any complexity. Due to this we can carry out both operative and complex orders of production of promotional and branding printing products.


New designs or improvement of existing designs of security products with the newest security elements

Development and implementation of integrated labeling and sales control systems to fight against forgery and counterfeit products

offices and warehouses of the client

Controlled destruction of blank forms of strict accountability


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