40 years of development and achievements

Kyiv offset factory was founded back in 1978. Together with our state, it went through all the stormy historical events, constantly remaining a reliable supplier of the most important printing products, which were in the hands of almost every citizen of Ukraine.

Ihor Pryshliak, director of State enterprise Kyiv offset factory

Opening of Kyiv offset factory

1978 - Kyiv offset factory was established on July 1, 1978 with the aim of production of lottery tickets for the Olympic money and prize lottery "Sprint".


40% of the expenses for the Olympic Games in 1980 were made with funds from the sale of Olympic lottery tickets, which were printed at Kyiv offset factory. The enterprise was awarded the diploma of the official supplier of the Olympic Games in 1980.


Kyiv offset factory produced 125 million tickets for book lotteries of the USSR republics.

753 million tickets for the sports lottery

The factory produced 753 million tickets for the sports lottery, increased the production of money and prize lottery tickets, began producing other types of printing products.

New era for the enterprise. New country - new achievements.

1991 Following independence by Ukraine, the factory began to produce bank papers, pay checks, certificates, shares, certificates of insurance, powers of attorney, identification documents, travel documents, waybills, saving books.


KOF began long-term cooperation with the Ukrainian railway company “Ukrzaliznytsia” as a supplier of travel and baggage documents.


License for producing accountable forms.

The factory was transferred to the management of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and received a license for producing accountable forms.


KOF began producing lottery tickets for the order of the largest operator of lotteries of Ukraine - the company MSL


120 million blank sheets were produced.


The factory operated as a supplier of blank production for state agencies and enterprises and began to cooperate with commercial companies.


The equipment of direct thermal exposure of plates (CTP) was installed at the base of TrendSetter 800II Q.


The factory's production facilities were updated by the roll offset printing machine for printing large volumes of secured documents with the use of personalized information - Drent Vision 520.

Net profit for 2011 was UAH 10.7 million.


Reconstruction and modernization of production facilities allowed expanding the assortment of products and range of types of protection, ensuring their reliability. Such new types of protection as rainbow printing, holographic protection and others were introduced.


The digital printing machine HP Indigo Press 5500 was installed.


Profit of the Enterprise was UAH 71 million.


Kyiv offset factory received the ISO 9001

Beginning of the restructuring.
Rebranding of the enterprise.

The restructuring of the company began with the advent of a new management team, rethinking of approaches to work and the company's values. A new strategy for the development of the enterprise was built and rebranding was carried out.