About us

Our company has been producing high-quality printing products for almost 40 years. Our clients are state and government institutions, financial institutions, as well as commercial enterprises from different spheres of business. We provide them with a full range of services: from the design of a form or a certificate to storage and supply of products in accordance with needs and requirements of customers.

The production capacities of the company allow us to be not only the supplier of specialized printed products, but also to offer to our customers complex solutions related to the protection of documentation, commercial products, information, etc.

Collaboration with us helps our clients to form and sustain a positive brand image inside the mind of customers, to protect their products and services, and creates opportunities for the implementation of unique systems for monitoring and protecting their own business.

Our mission

SE KOF works to ensure proper protection for the state and its institutions and citizens, as well as public and private companies in those areas where they may face a threat of violation of their rights or which may result in material, financial, property damage and even physical harm.

Our values

Experience. We have been working in this business for 40 years, what gives us the opportunity to solve problems and tasks more fully and confidently.

Security. Our goal is to reach the maximum level for all the security parameters that are important to our activity. For that purpose, we are constantly improving and implementing new security measures for all processes.

Respect. We respect our customers, with some of them we have been working for decades. Their needs are the driving force of development and a source of inspiration for us.

Trust. It is impossible to succeed without trust in this market. We take care not only of protecting the documents we print, but also of protecting the interests, information, ownership of our customers.

Training. We study every day. Without constant updating of knowledge regarding technological innovations, methods of managing an enterprise in general and processes of printing, logistics, interaction with customers it is impossible to imagine further development.

Development. We are constantly striving to grow and develop along with the market and our customers. Development for us is not only new production facilities, equipment and technology, but it is also development of personnel skills.

Expediency. We offer to our customers only those technologies and services, the efficiency and expediency of which we are confident in.


Our strategy is the company's growth by consolidating its positions in the domestic and foreign markets, which is based on diversification, creation of new products and a complex approach to meeting our customers’ needs.

Our strategy has two components:

Bringing the company to new markets

We are always in search of new markets. This may be a new geography of sales or a new industry in the domestic market, protection needs of which we can meet with the help of our technology.


We are working to ensure that our company becomes the center of innovative solutions. We are trying to work ahead, we predict the development of processes, creating printing products, the need for which is just forming.

The driving forces of SE KOF are:

Technologies - the constant updating of equipment and technological development allow us to execute orders of any level of complexity.

Team. The high qualification and involvement of the staff enable us to use our technological capabilities to the full extent.

Needs of our customers are a source of inspiration and a motive for searching new solutions, which leads to the creation of new products.


1 Berezhanska Street
                             Kyiv 04074 Ukraine

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